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We Have a Passion for Winning for Our Clients

Led by Attorney Brock Parks, our firm handles cases involving law enforcement officers, business litigation, and personal injury. Additionally, our team also provides legal representation for clients who are in need of guidance in a number of civil or criminal issues, including estate planning, elder law or criminal defense. We have established a solid track record of victories throughout state and federal courts by way of trial and settlement.

The Brocklin Law Firm, PC

“I am proud of all the cases we handle, win or lose, as long as we worked harder than our opposition, were better prepared than our opposition, and were more passionate in the fight for our client.”
– Attorney Brock Parks

We know that any type of legal issue can have a significant impact on your life. Results will matter for this reason alone. Every member of our team tackles complex legal issues with an intense desire to learn every aspect of a case, which includes researching other cases of similar circumstances and determining the various rulings on those cases. We accumulate our research and meticulously apply our findings to every facet of your case. Ultimately, this gives you a better understanding of what to expect, the potential obstacles, and potential results, and eliminates any surprises along the way.

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